Friday, 27 July 2007

Joice’s Bar, A40, Hangar Lane

Features: Pub tables on the pavement in front of six scenic lanes of traffic.

Action: Underage kids working behind the open kitchen, dog chewing a bone on the karaoke stage, friendly landlady and husband sitting at the bar. Allegedly a sports bar despite only having a 15" 80s hitachi tv tucked away in a corner.


ally. said...

the zoom past joices is the highpoint of any trip up the a40. i've never dared stop so i'm very glad you did.
top qality thing you've got going here - you're very brave.

ally. said...

that's top quality thing by the way..

dodgy boozer said...

Thanks for your kind words. We started this thing with the idea of exploring the places we were fascinated by but were too scared to go in, so glad to have provided this exploratory service for you.

Let us know if there's anywhere else you'd like us to investigate...DB

Anonymous said...

Joyces is now 'The Ring'. Not sure if that refers to boxing, weddings or arseholes. Predominantly Polish clientelle, Zywiec on draught, Polish grub, Polish disco (a bit too loud too early on, when people still have a desire to converse). Not too dodgy inside, toilets could do with a rebuild (come on Poles, thought you new about stuff like that).

Dara said...

You write very well.

Trampilot said...

This is a brilliant blog.